All Zombieland Rules

Can you help us fill in the missing rules of Zombieland?

Zombieland Rules from the movie & promotional material

#1 – Cardio
#2 – The Double Tap
#3 – Beware of Bathrooms
#4 – Seatbelts
#5 – ???
#6 – The Skillet*
#7 – Travel Light
#8 – Get A Kickass Partner*
#9 – ???
#10 – ???
#11 – ???
#12 – Bounty Paper Towels*
#13 – ???
#14 – ???
#15 – Bowling Ball*
#16 – ???
#17 – Don’t Be A Hero
#18 – Limber Up
#19 – ???
#20 – ???
#21 – Avoid Strip Clubs*
#22 – When In Doubt, Know Your Way Out
#23 – ???
#24 – ???
#25 – ???
#26 – ???
#27 – ???
#28 – ???
#29 – The Buddy System*
#30 – ???
#31 – Check The Back Seat
#32 – Enjoy The Little Things
#33 – Swiss Army Knife*

*Rules marked with an asterisk are from promotional material and should not yet be considered canon.

Zombieland Deleted Scenes Rules

#2 – The Ziploc Bag

Zombieland Rules from interviews with cast and crew

4 new rules have been mentioned by the writers Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese but they don’t have numbers associated with them.
#??? – Always carry a change of underwear
#??? – Double-knot your shoe[lace]s
#??? – It’s a marathon, not a sprint. Unless it is a sprint, then sprint
#??? – Pack your stain stick

Zombieland Rules from the cellphone game

#2 – Zipplock
#3 – Double Tap
#5 – Shoot First
#7 – Incoming!
#8 – Break it up
#9 – With your bare hands
#10 – Don’t swing low
#11 – Use your feet
#13 – Shake it off
#22 – Opportunity knocks
#24 – Use your thumbs

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  2. quincy says:

    #30 Twinkies cure all hunger

    #5 Nothing is too brutal

    #9 Music lures

    #10 Stay sober

    #11 Lights attract

    #13 Exhale slowly, squeeze the trigger

  3. Drake says:

    Rule # 5 – Show no mercy, she’s not your mother anymore

  4. michelle says:

    rule #? Trust no-one

  5. jacob says:

    if zombies do chase after u should know what to do not just stand around. Run a dam circle like fat guy is not go to work because zombies do not tire easy so u can make up ur own dam rules ok

  6. Purple Mushroom says:

    I agree with quincy on #13- exhale slowly, sqeeze the trigger

  7. As an extension of Double-knot Your Shoelaces, I’d suggest: “Don’t Take Of Your Shoes Unless You Have A Guarantee of Safety”

    Avoid Serrated Blades (They’re difficult to retrieve quickly)

    As soon as you arrive in the building: Lock All The Doors, Check All Rooms for Zombies

    Don’t Turn On A Freakin’ Amusement Park at Night. (I’ll light up like a beacon. Duh.)

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  9. light says:

    number 5:No Attachments
    i got this form Wikipedia
    here’s the link:

  10. Wolfy says:

    Rule#? Don’t have any ties with anyone they’ll slow you down.

    Rule#? Make sure to go in a group of people with a guy that can really save your ass and others you can out run easily. Gimpy old grandma, chubby fat kid, wheel chair bob are all fabulous options!

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  12. victor cardenas says:

    how do you kill a zombie with getting the most amout of blood without it getting in your mouth or eyes?

  13. victor says:

    my rule#16 is when in dout use chainsaws and katana.

  14. Jony says:

    Rule #?: Never use a zombie costume, you can make yourself kill.

  15. Rule #1:Be a hero Rule #2:Be Brave Rule #3:Nut Up or Shut Up Rule #4:Weapons Rule #5:Get ready for ZOMBIELAND

  16. Kieran says:

    rule 21 is limber up just so u no 😛

  17. @Kieran Actually rule #18 is Limber Up 🙂

  18. Hash blast says:

    Ok First of all Zombie land rules are two or three words so they stick and rhyming if neccasy getting remember the rules or theyre useless but heres a few i could see being possibilities in my list

    Rule #? Weapons.
    Rule #? Never sleep alone
    Rule #? Gas Is Good!

  19. Bobby says:

    A few rules that are made up on my own, taken straight from the movie, and taken from previous comments

    Max Brooks’ book “The Zombie survival guide” and his ten list of rules are being assumed. If you don’t know them, well, you fall under one of two kinds of people; ones with a zombie plan and ones without (we call those dinner)

    1: Versatility=Longevity (in reference to tools and people)
    2: Avoidance: can’t kill what they can’t find
    3: Cardio
    4: Double tap
    5: Beware of bathrooms
    6: Safety first
    7: Safety in (small) numbers
    8: Travel light (also in reference to rule #7)
    9: Bounty, the quicker picker upper
    10: Remember a crowbar (Reference to rule #1)
    11: Don’t be a hero
    12: When in doubt, know your way out
    13: Enjoy the little things
    14: Hygiene keeps the plague away
    15: Double knot shoe-laces
    16: It’s a marathon, plan for it
    17: Brutal, shmutal
    18: Clear mind, clear kill

  20. Ghost says:

    1. Cardio
    2. Double Tap
    3. Wear Seatbelts
    4. Beware of Bathrooms
    5. No Attachments
    6. Cast Iron Skillet
    7. Travel Light
    12. Bounty paper towels
    15. Bowling Ball
    17. (Don’t) Be a hero
    18. Limber Up
    22. When in doubt, know your way out
    29. The Buddy System
    31. Check the back seat
    32. Enjoy the little things
    33. Swiss Army knife

  21. Nalex says:

    rule # 24: dont act like a zombie in front of someone with a gun

    rule # 25: dont sneak up on someone with a gun

    rule # 26: dont shoot bill murray

    rule #27: twinkies are salvation

    rules # 28: dont trust brunettes

  22. joseph jose smith says:

    rule # 9 Purell

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  24. zombiekiller says:

    Rule #__ You can never have too much firepower.
    Rule #__ Be Prepared or DIE scared.
    Rule #__ If you are obliged to retreat, let the front of your whole party fire and fall back, till the rear hath done the same, making for the best ground you can; by this means you will oblige the enemy to pursue you, if they do it at all, in the face of a constant fire. (Rogers Rangers Standing Orders. It works for zombies too.)
    Rule #__If you determine to rally after a retreat, in order to make a fresh stand against the enemy, by all means endeavour to do it on the most rising ground you come at, which will give you greatly the advantage in point of situation, and enable you to repulse superior numbers. Rogers Rangers Standing Orders. The girls did this at the park.)

  25. zombiekiller says:

    Rule #__ A slung weapon, is not a ready weapon
    Rule #__ Police up your Frags and ammo
    Rule #__ Leave nothing you think you may need later.
    Rule #__ A dull blade wont cut shit.
    Rule #__ Dbl Barrel Shotguns are a last ditch weapon.
    Rule #__ Its always quietest, before the chick tries to eat your ass.
    Rule #__ Always keep your head on swivel.
    Rule #__ Never sleep on the top floor, you have nowhere to go.

  26. Alex Hutcherson says:

    Rule #5 Make sure to check if Bill Murray is dead first.

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  28. Mintyfresh says:

    Rule #_ Melee Weapons do not need reloading. Unless…
    Rule #_ (applies to EVERYTHING) Use brings about wear, tear, and rust.
    Rule #_ Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me thrice(if you survive long enough) Imma bustin a cap in your ass next time I see you.
    Rule#_ They feel no fear, so why should you?
    Rule#_ Gangs and Rednecks; in life they were best avoided. In Zombieland, they’re the best armory you could ever have.
    Rule#_ Pistols suck more than shotguns, so you might as well reach for the sawed-off instead of the 9mm

  29. idea boy says:

    i have idea dont waste your ammo if you enjoy little things ^_^

  30. idea boy says:

    dont panic just concentrate your aim or your way

  31. Siddo says:

    Rule #?: If it’s a zombie, kill it/show no mercy. Many people stupidly die because their loved ones (i.e. brother/sister/girlfriend/parents/grandparents/wife/cousin/aunt/uncle/niece/nephew) are turned to zombies and they think that they can save them by applying the cure or simply because they beleive that they will respond to someone they knew and remember their past life. Do as the rule says and shoot every zombie you find, even if it is your mother we’re talking about.

  32. Marky Mark says:

    Rule # 16 : Keep away from the metropolise’s

  33. Zachary says:

    for one thing victor ur an idiot. Why would u use a sword when u have a gun. Go wise up and come back when u have some common sense.
    1. Shoot first ask later
    2. Always have ammo
    3. Find a butt kicking partner
    4. Never stop moving
    5. Find the last HOT BRUNETTE! haha
    Number 5 is the most important, but follow these rules and there will be more than just 4 survivers.

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  35. aric says:

    have good them music, you cant kill to clasical

  36. […] kidding. What I really meant was “Double Tap” [see The Rules of Zombieland]. In this scenario, if a joke is that funny, why not do it again? Duh. Double Tap. So this […]

  37. mouse01 says:

    in order of the movies events, rule 23 would be just after know your way out. the girls take their guns and give them some good advice that should be rule 23…. better you make the mistake of trusting us, than us make the mistake of trusting you.

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  39. #1:Don’t be overconfident

    #2:shooting them in the head with a sniper will kill them.

    #3:do NOT climb a tree.

    #4:do NOT go into a location with only one entrance/exit.

    #5:never assume you’re safe.

    #6:religion has no effect on zombies.

  40. Fred Flintstone says:

    Rule #4 is the Double Tap rule…it’s in the movie trailer.

  41. KILL Z says:

    Rule 1:Carry and update suplies (guns,amoo,food ,water, etc)
    Rule 2: Double Tap
    Rule 3:Always have a kickass partner
    Rule 4:Seatbelts
    Rule 5:Show no mercy to zombies
    Rule 6:Have a big car with big guns
    Rule 7:Always move city to city (This will make sure you always have a new teammate)
    Rule 8:If the person is bitten.Kill him or her
    Rule 9:Enjoy the little things
    Rule 10:When in doubt know your way out
    Rule 11:Dont blend in with the zombies if you have groupmates
    Rule 12:Make sure you update your weapons and ammos (Somtimes they jam)

    Thats all the rules I thought of now. Ill update soon

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  43. imazombie says:

    if you see paris hilton kill her, if you se george bush kill him, burn his body
    if your going to kill your self shoot in your head

  44. Looneydoug says:

    A Little Sunscreen Never Hurt!

  45. Aldama says:

    Plain and simple

    Rule #5 Never Look Back

  46. Briana says:

    Rule # everything- get all the rules from Left 4 Dead 1 and 2 hahaha!!

  47. Kevin says:

    If you where surrounded by zombies what weapon would you choose?

  48. jk says:

    Rule #13: Thank GOD for REDNECKS

  49. matthew says:

    don’t waste bullets by randomly shooting at nothing.

  50. matthew says:

    Rule #15 above

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