Zombieland Rule #17 – Don’t Be A Hero

Some rules are meant to be broken. Zombieland Rule #17 – Don’t be a hero, eh, BE a hero.

Poster: Zombie Command. Category: Rules.

11 Responses to “Zombieland Rule #17 – Don’t Be A Hero”

  1. Jak says:

    The squeaky nose bit is quite….hmmm…Self explanatory

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  3. Cayden says:

    Time to nut up or shut up! πŸ™‚

  4. Tristan Jajo says:

    I agree with Cayden because 9 times out of ten the girls will be endpted to you for saving there skins

  5. Some Zombie says:

    “I’m A hero!”(10 seconds later)Whats this? There’s are rule about not being a hero ahh i don’t care. (5 seconds later) Zombie:MMnn… this guy is good… tasting.Always follow the rules!;)

  6. ESSA says:

    :::well not exactly always but it make more conflict and the movie more exciting.

  7. iwanta twinkie says:


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  10. Kage says:

    iwanta, It’s in the middle of a zombie horde of 50, you man enough t get it?

  11. Uttam Prakash Manher says:

    Who is hero of Zombieland. This is Dangerous movie.

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