Zombieland Rule #2 – The Ziploc Bag

It’s been quite a while since there’s been any new news about Zombieland but with the Zombieland DVD available to buy tomorrow, we get a look at the deleted scenes and Rule #2 – The Ziploc Bag.

Obviously the real Zombieland Rule #2 is the Double Tap.

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35 Responses to “Zombieland Rule #2 – The Ziploc Bag”

  1. Shawn says:

    So, how does that work since there is already a rule 2 (Doubletap)?

  2. Briana says:

    I watched that scene. Something about moisture but i’m not totally sure. It didn’t explain it well. Either that or I didn’t hear it right

  3. Dib says:

    keep your matches in a Ziploc bag so they don’t get wet and actually work. this was the original rule#2, but changed it when someone came up with doubletap sometime during production. it remains a deleted scene

  4. danica says:

    so, how does this rule work?
    is it just like the new rule double tap?

  5. Lucas says:

    Anything u don’t want to get wet or bloody, put in a ziplock bag. Cell phone, matches, cigarettes etc.

  6. Candi says:

    wise choice to delete this rule.

  7. Chris says:

    Umm… yeah it’s to keep the matches dry in this example.

    However it keeps you golden grahams crisp longer to enjoy with your code red also.

  8. Light says:

    why would you need a cell phone if zombies have taken over the world?
    who would you call?

  9. dogsmad says:

    y dont they make a game of zombie land it will be a big hit

  10. dogsmad says:

    y dont they make a game of zombie land it will be a big hit

  11. M1C4H says:

    yeah i recon…like a freestyle game….kinda like GTA….but with the ability to freely roam the entire world….that would be expenive though…to produce

  12. Toronto says:

    @ dogsmad

    ya like doom or something but like m1c4h said they probibly only had enough money for the movie lol

  13. Darrien7 says:

    what does its a marthon dont sprit unlees its a sprint

  14. way2fast91 says:

    Seriously a free roam Zombie rpg game ala GTA4 would be awesome, but in the meantime just play Left4Dead and Left4Dead 2. Awesome games.

  15. Azooz says:

    Actualy if they do make the game they should add a bit more people driving cars and a leader order for zombie kill off the week

  16. bryan says:

    yeah like san andres butt ..with zombies tzzzz badasss

  17. Zombie says:

    they should use this rule to fill in a blank

  18. Crazydude says:

    oky ppl i have watched this movie 115 times since it came out and i still can`t get enough can`t wait for Zombieland 2

  19. Frost says:

    Since we’re on the topic of realistic zombie games… DayZ. Most realistic Zombie mod in history. It’s meant for Arma II combined operations, then install the mod. It’s amazing.

  20. Kage says:

    Light, Zombiebusters XD

  21. yo moma says:

    lol this is dumb get a brain it is obviously DOUBLE TAP!!!!!!

  22. Jason says:

    I have adapted this into a post on how Zombieland changed my life. Best Movie Ever!! Check it out. http://www.foxtangocharlie.com/life-zombieland

  23. moondragon says:

    ur going to need light if a match is moist or wet it wont light sooooooooo a ziploc bag will keep it drie

  24. x says:

    Canseco a été immédiatement transporté à l’h?pital pour traitement.

  25. Gary says:

    I was lmao when Ohio met his twin, Flagstaff.. He had all the same rules but different terminology. Hilarious!

  26. Beaconrya says:

    term manuscript (late lat.manuscriptum,

  27. Superchipsdin says:

    handwritten by the author.

  28. Annotationstbn says:

    Middle Ages as in Western

  29. Garminzqcx says:

    then only a few have reached us

  30. Superchipsazg says:

    only a few survived.

  31. Incipiocqq says:

    Europe, and in Ancient Russia

  32. iAquaLinksie says:

    55 thousand Greek, 30 thousand Armenian

  33. Holographiclnk says:

    new texts were rewritten

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