Zombieland Rule #21 – Avoid Strip Clubs

As with Rule 8, this series of promotional posters reveals a couple of new rules from Zombieland. Still unlikely to be part of the official canon, but here none-the-less.

zombieland rule 21 avoid stripclubs Zombieland Rule #21   Avoid Strip Clubs

zombieland rule 1 150x150 Zombieland Rule #21   Avoid Strip Clubszombieland rule 4 150x150 Zombieland Rule #21   Avoid Strip Clubszombieland rule 8 150x150 Zombieland Rule #21   Avoid Strip Clubs

Poster: Zombie Command. Category: Rules.

24 Responses to “Zombieland Rule #21 – Avoid Strip Clubs”

  1. Wheat Williams says:

    You wrote about the “official cannon”. You mean “canon”, not “cannon”. A cannon is something used to shoot a cannonball.

  2. admin says:

    Lol, yup. Fair enough. Probably done that a few times to be fair, I’ll check the rest of the site just now.

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  4. Chicago says:

    Wasn’t “don’t be a hero” rule number 17?

    And aren’t the first four rules cardio, guns, double-tap, and seatbelts? (although I am not sure of the order)

  5. ZLandLover says:

    She was NOT wearing a bikini top in the movie. She was wearing pasties with black tassels on them. I’m a married 32 yr old woman and even I found a tasselled pastied zombie stripper running down the street LAUGH OUT LOUD funny. I imagine it may make a few think before wearing the tasseled ones again! Fantastic film, ***** (5! stars!)

  6. admin says:


    Yup, you’re completely right, but if you watch the greenband trailer, they’ve actually had to CGI a bikini on her for the full running sequence, lol.

    I can imagine it was quite a hard job matching it up with the jiggle πŸ˜€

  7. BillMurray says:

    it went cardio double tap bathrooms seatbelts….i dont know where you got guns from…

  8. Talahassee says:

    he got guns from the double tap part. he thought, ” get a gun, and know how too use it” was a seperate rule. but the get a gun, and double tap, are intertwined. but u always double tap with everything. even a pick axe πŸ™‚

  9. Hiedi says:

    I just finished watching Zombieland AGAIN, and rule 4 is seat belts. Rule 17, maybe the most important rule of all (according to Colombus) is don’t be a hero. It’s stated right before they go into the gift shop and smash it up.

  10. Leia says:

    My best friend is a stripper so i guess she’ll be the one i avoid but then i’d be breaking another rule find a kick-ass partner

  11. @Leia

    Tell me more about this ‘friend’ πŸ˜€

  12. OmegaX2000 says:

    Why Avoid the strip club? Wouldn’t it be fun to watch the Naked Hot Zombies from a far?

  13. nathan black says:

    yea why avoid strip clubs just watch

  14. nathan black says:

    thats just dunb if u do

  15. Toronto says:

    poor guy atleast his 2 incher wasint eatin right away

  16. ZombieSlayer says:

    Of course watching Zombie Strippers is a bad idea…. horrible acting and a garbage story line. All the boobs in that movie couldn’t make up for the other garbage :). Sorry… no one else made a reference to it so I had to lol.

  17. squint0924 says:

    what are you talking about? There was basically no nudity throughout the whole movie!

  18. zombieland girl101 says:

    BBBZZZZZZTTT! WRONG! at the begining there was a naked zombie girl running toward a dude. πŸ˜› and my favorite part of the movie was when the cowboy got the twinky, i laghed my HEAD off. acting like it was his dream girl. XD i watched the movie at the theater and i didn’t go to the bathroom for a WEEK.

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  20. Doug says:

    Absolutely MUST rent Zombieland, as I’ve only seen it on Spike and AMC. Which means NO strip club scenes, NO nudity AT ALL πŸ™

  21. Beverly Hills says:

    There was no guns rule though you would suspect there should be. I LOVE ZOMBIELAND

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  23. Jason says:

    I have adapted this into a post on how Zombieland changed my life. Best Movie Ever!! Check it out. http://www.foxtangocharlie.com/life-zombieland

  24. webber says:

    @Beverly Hills

    are you the one Columbus fucked in the back of a FedX truck?

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