Zombieland Rule #29 – The Buddy System

Why don’t zombies attack each other? Possibly a herd instinct keeps them safe and you should do the same. Rule #29 – The Buddy System.

Poster: Zombie Command. Category: Rules.

26 Responses to “Zombieland Rule #29 – The Buddy System”

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  2. glow man 121213 says:

    why is there a number 3 on the door of the hummer

  3. david wright says:

    what is best gun for killing zombies

  4. Drew says:

    glow man: The number 3 is a homage to an old racer that crashed. (I can’t remember his name.)

  5. mr. cloudy says:

    david the best weapon of choice is probably a shotgun

  6. Mendal says:

    Drew and Glow man: the #3 was Dale Earnhardt (not jr)…

  7. Lucas says:

    The zombie survival guide says the M4 Carbine is the best but I think I’d have to agree with Mr. Cloudy. LOL

  8. Brett says:

    The best gun is without a doubt the B.F.G.

  9. mark says:

    the best gun would be the M16A4 assault rifle with a silencer and an acog sight

  10. ry says:

    the BEST weapon for zombieland would be the Desert Eagle or any .50 caliber weapon. OSOK. forget double tap, one good shot to the chest with a .50 cal would blow it away and fry its insides.

  11. McSkouvy says:

    The best thing to do is to avoid the zombies (or blend in like Bill Murray) so you don’t have to worry about fighting them.

  12. Nick says:

    No one’s gotten it right yet. The best gun for Zombieland is the AA-12 combat shotgun. 300 rounds a minute of 12 gauge shells or Frag-12 grenade rounds(coming in three tasty flavors; High Explosive, Armor Piercing, and “Air-burst” rounds for those big crowds) with 20 or 32-round drum magazines or an 8-round box magazine if you’re traveling light. It’s only 16 pounds fully loaded and could easily be handled by someone the size of Wichita and maybe even Little Rock. Trust me, the AA-12 is the weapon of choice.

  13. DAREDHARREN says:

    4 me the bast gun is the uzi because it has many ammo’s men

  14. DAREDHARREN says:

    i mean *best not bast

  15. NL Nemesis says:

    Nick is so right, AA-12 combat shotgun would be my choice

  16. G-Master 45 says:

    Best gun…reliable pistol and a powerful shotgun.

  17. christian says:

    no! the best gun to use is a minigun w/ lots of ammo

  18. kaden says:

    i think that if they steel meat from each other they will kill eachother. or they dont notice eack other cause the meat is dead

  19. Mr Obvious says:

    How about ANY decent calibre weapon that is easy/quick/simple to reload and above all, has an extremely common type of ammunition?

    What use is a Deagle if you run out after a few days? Or a nice Barret .50cal, which will bring every Z from miles to your campsite and will also be hard to re-stock. Also, the last thing you want is a ‘dead-man’s click’ moment…keep it simple and fast on the re-loads.

    Shotguns are nice and simple (especially double barrel, sawn-off, for those ‘close encounters’) and the ammo is almost universal. Auto-shotguns? -high rate of fire means you run out quick…but apart from that, just watch the decibel level.

    A friend has a nice MP5 look-a-like that is scaled down to .22 – he has 3x 30 round mags, iron sights, a laser dot and a supressor on it… Nice and quiet, accurate and very common ammo.

    Anything with 9mm and a LOW RATE OF FIRE is probably a good bet, but noisy.

    Have fun!

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  21. dimas says:

    @glow man 121213: not just the hummer h2 capone the tallahasse’s cadillac has number 3 too

  22. TJ says:

    Best weapons ever:

    An energy cannon(if it exists)
    M2 MG…. good ol’ times
    M1 garand rifle(not sure)
    Milkor GL???
    9410 winchester…..
    93R pistol
    Nitro express .600
    M249 (good gun, though….)
    Bizon SMG
    SPAS 12
    dunno other weapons….

  23. Clayton says:

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  24. Ross says:

    To all the people wondering what would be the perfect weapon of choice for a zombie apocalypse. Guns are a big no no! unless its a long ranger rifle that can be suppressed. Noise reduction is key to survival, So melee weapons are ideal. If the Z day arrives and you find yourself about to die, Kill as many undead as you can, The more you kill the less us real survivors have to worry about.

  25. Nara says:

    Since I’m playing a zombie game so I can find the names easier.
    Best weapons:
    Spas 12
    Silenced scope M4A1
    Rocket Launchers ( Careful with this one though! ) 😀

  26. Nara says:

    Katana or other kinds of blade are worth having one with you.

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