Zombieland Rule #3 – Beware of Bathrooms

The second rule of Zombieland is WE DO NOT TALK ABOUT ZOMBIELAND! Oh no, wait, that isn’t right either. Rule #3 – Beware of Bathrooms.

NB: In the pre-movie trailers Beware of Bathrooms was rule #2 of Zombieland. In the movie Beware of Bathrooms becomes rule #3.

Poster: Zombie Command. Category: Rules.

11 Responses to “Zombieland Rule #3 – Beware of Bathrooms”

  1. Mikayla Smith says:

    Best movie ever. I went with my 3 cousins when i went to see it was their second time to see an my first time. They told me they thought it was so good they went to see it a second time. When it comes out on dvd im so buying it.

  2. Corey says:

    this is actually rule number 2

  3. admin says:


    No it isn’t. It was number 2 in the trailer above, but in the film proper it’s number 3.

  4. Neuralburn says:

    Rule #1 – dont #2.

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  6. Tristan Jajo says:

    I dont agree with Neuralburn because then other problems occur like you smell like crap becuase ur cloths are filled with it

    you can go #2 but have a shovel so you dig a hole and go then you got a weapon by you so you dont have to aim

  7. Some Zombie says:

    Bathrooms are closed in areas so basic you kill yourself. Same with dressing rooms and apartments.

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  10. Kage says:

    Check the bushes before doing it in there, Especially if you’re near a town or something, If you’re a conisiderable distance or in the middle on nowhere, just defficate on the road or something

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