Zombieland Rule #33 – Swiss Army Knife

While Columbus only gets up to 32 rules in the Zombieland film it seems that the list has since expanded. Not sure how canon these skits are though.

Poster: Zombie Command. Category: Rules.

32 Responses to “Zombieland Rule #33 – Swiss Army Knife”

  1. dante says:

    i like number 33 but i have a ? for you. what would i wear in a zombieland ?

  2. Dillon says:

    Thick fabric, maby padding. If you get bit there teath wont penetrate thick fabric. Plus a mask of some kind. One that protects your eyes and mouth from blood and what ever else clould come from an infected persons body. Fluid transfer could easily infect you.

  3. Pfitzy says:

    Long sleeves and long pants. Like builder’s or miner’s outfit – got to protect yourself from the elements as well as zombies. If you’re close enough to get bitten, you’re not doing it right so protective gear will just weigh you down.

  4. calgary says:

    Light fabric would be best. You can’t run away effectively if your clothing is weighing you down.

  5. Brandon says:

    Leather jacket a kick a ass pair of combat or cowboy boots jeans and a fucking crow bar. If its good enough for gordaon freemn it is good enough for zombieland.

  6. chosen1 says:

    clothing that is tight but durable cannot be grabbed or even a shark suit

  7. Cayden says:

    Tight, long sleeve shirt, tight jeans, SHORT HAIR!!! The last thing you want to happen is to be running from zombies, have them not being able to grab your tight clothes, and then one ripping you down by your long hair. That would really suck. Hope that’ll help when the zombies DO come! (Come on, you know that’s how you want the world to end someday, not the damn Sun exploding!) πŸ™‚ <3, Cayden

  8. jr says:

    where do i get the swiss army knife

  9. LittleSmirk says:

    I would want a complete dive suit with a “big John” line so I could be down under water for along tine

  10. Lucas says:

    I agree with Cayden. That’d be some sexy last days, if you’re physically fit to wear tight clothing. haha :p

  11. Morgan says:

    Wear thick and durable fabrics MY choices are blue jeans leather jacket Kevlar gloves and of course combat boots which are made with Kevlar and something or other to protect head and neck

  12. Justin Eaker says:

    What sub machine gun will be good for 15 year old in a apartment complex?

  13. jacob says:

    i really dont inderstand all of the rules but im fine because i cant wait for the end

  14. jacob says:

    hwo has seen 2012

  15. auhsoj says:

    also, tight clothing. you dont want anything loose or baggy that a sneaky zombie could come up behind you and grab.

  16. Nick says:

    “If you’re close enough to get bitten, you’re not doing it right”

    Agreed. If they’re able to grab your clothes it’s too late anyway. So be comfortable, I like khaki cargo pants(got to have room for those extra shells), t-shirt, sweater, and really, really good running shoes. Boots of any kind are just gonna get you killed quicker.

  17. Josh says:

    wear full kevlar (how many people do you know who can bite through kevlar) and a mask, if possible wear a breathing apparatus of some sort

  18. Harry says:

    SHARKSUIT!!!!! If your not bamf enough to wear heavy armor and go hand to hand…. THen I applaud you. Tight clothing such as under armour and make sure your hair is cut short

  19. M1C4H says:

    depending on what type of weather your in…if its winter you dont want to be wearing shorts and a t-shirt. but you want something light, that doesnt restrict your moveability….i agree on short hair….but if your too scared to cut it, wear a hat or something…

    also…you gotta know your way around, streangth and agility is the key to survival, dont let your clothing choice hinder yourself. dont be afraid to get dirty, and know how to land properly after a fall, even if it means getting a little muddy, fashion is not a priority when your fighting the undead…

  20. sage says:

    if i were in zomdie land ill make a game out of how long could i or my kickass partner could stay alive. after all we live to die.

  21. Your Mom says:

    The best thing to wear is a bag. nothing more, nothing less. Keep your gun, a bag, and that’s it. And btw…nothing is skinnier than skin. And if they grab you and your a dude, just hope you enjoy it.

  22. say says:

    remember this rules . they might save your ass someday

  23. Cwjj says:

    Zombie invasion can happen there are transferable viruses soon it will be bad like in call of duty black ops nova 6 kills right…..WRONG it infects and turns people to zombies. So u should remember these rules the will save your ass from the shitvill called zombieland

  24. charlie says:

    i would use regular clothing.its not important what you wear if you are in your house.make it zombie proof with wetal doors metal window metal everything whith more meatalcoating.a armory,with bullets,weapins,and a gillie suit.clothing doesw not matter,only the matter of surviving.you need a stockade under ground of food and actually have a small closet full of regular clothes and warm clothes.keep silencers so you dont be a dumbass and alert like 50 zomies that you cant even kill at once because your gun is propably a noob gun like a 44.magnum or a shotgun.

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  28. Chris says:

    To be honest, whatever you would wear to go Paintballing would be best.
    i suggest going to a Surplus store, and picking up a set of ACU(Army Combat Uniform), theyre light, fireproof, ripfroom, and tightly woven, yet still breatheable
    next go to a sporting store, and pickup black duck tape, and a paintballing mask, one with a wider area of vision, the duck tape is to close the holes in the front, to reduce the chance of fluid transfer, and lastly, while your at a sporting store, stock up on watches, handheld radios, large combat knives, or machetes.
    finally, kill the power to the building, (after making sure its sealed and no Zeds are inside,) and break the glass on the gun cabnet (killing the power means that the alarm wont go off) and normally sporting stores dont keep ammo locked up, so grab some in a pack, and keep moving.

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  30. Kage says:

    Just find the nearest Gunstore, army Base etc and stock up with as many guns as you can carry

  31. Andrew Newey says:

    Dud vid link! Thanks for confirming the awesome rule list tho.

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