Zombieland Rule #5 – No Attachments (tbc)

A quick update as it has been pointed out in the comments that Zombieland Rule #5 would appear to be No Attachments.

Unfortunately it seems to be a rule that was made up on Horror-Movies.ca and they never explained it was made-up (it’s in italics to signify it was ‘official’), but I could be wrong.

Can anybody find any proof that No Attachments appears in the film?

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  1. Libby Tuesday says:

    Wouldn’t ‘no attachments’ fall under the umbrella of Rule #7? (Travel light)
    As Columbus says in the film; “And I don’t just mean luggage”

  2. Nintendork says:

    Its not an official rule but when the 2 main characters (the males, i forget names) meet and the tough guy dosent want to know his name…in case they get attached in some way

  3. hiimvin says:

    i’m pretty sure just before the lady at the start [the one who crashes through her window for not wearing a seatbelt] is running away from the little girls it says something about attachments there. i don’t think it actually says it’s an official rule with a number & stuff, but i’m sure it’s there

  4. Tyler says:

    Actually there is no rule number five, there is a rule number seven though

  5. Anonymous says:

    Wichita said that when they were driving away from the mansion. When they were on the way to Pacific Playland. Wichita reminds Little Rock of their rules. Including the don’t trust anybody thing.

  6. andy says:

    I am very impressed with your page on Zombieland rules great job

  7. Ben says:

    There really is no rule in the movie, But when Wichita and Little Rock leave Bill Murray’s house they say “trust no one just you and me”

  8. anon says:

    columbus mentions “no atattachments” in the beginning when there are the zombie little-girls- the mom (some older woman) is driving away from the kids party and crashes- no official number stated though!

  9. anna says:

    well, in my opinion, and being a zombie movie lover 😀 i would think that ‘no attachments’ would signify that you shouldn’t get close with anyone, because if/when they (your friend or lover ;D) become infected you would hesitate to ‘double tap’ resulting in your own loss of life. example the woman and the children she was not concentrating on driving and ended up dead cause she had attachments to the toys. they toys could represented something towards the children who have now become zombies… im just say’n

  10. Aaron says:

    In the beginning columbus does talk about the lady getting attached to her kids and talks about haveing to leave them behind and right there is where i see rule number five takeing place. and later on he also says travel light and he does say “and i just don’t mean luggage” so thats another fair hint right there about number 5. And then theres meeting Tallahassee and when columbus starts to introduce himself Tallahassee does stop him before he gets started. and finally there’s when wichita and little rock leave the mansion of Bill “Fucking” Murray ( as Tallahassee calss him) Wichita does say “trust no one just you and me” so whether or not rule number five was mentioned in the movie i do believe there is hard visible evidence that it’s there.

  11. tumadre says:

    Its a rule when columbus and witchita are in bill murrays house and are about to kiss and the guys comes in it is mentioned then as a rule.

  12. Survival says:

    it means “no emotional ties”

  13. Roxas says:

    dont get to attached to anyone close to you

  14. Amy says:

    There are only 11 official rules….. they are the following::

    1. Cardio
    2. Double Tap
    3. Beware of bathrooms
    4. Buckle up
    5. Travel light
    6. Don’t be a hero
    7. Limber Up
    8. When in doubt, know your way out
    9. The buddy system
    10. Check the back seat
    11. Enjoy the little things.

    The rest are all unofficial. I figured I would point this out.

  15. Amy says:

    Well those are the KNOWN out of the 32.

  16. Jackson says:

    In the beginning the woman running away from all of the girls who are zombies it mentions it but later at the Play land I believe it says its an official rule, if not it’s still highly regarded in the film.

  17. Kiara says:

    No attachments means don’t get to close with other people because people do stupid shit over love and it can fuck with your head. One minute your walking down the street with your Girl friend and the next minute some zombie is on top of her ripping her throat out and the next minute she’s a flesh addict most of the time thats really gonna fuck with your head XD. In most zombie movies Love is a huge distraction it makes you hesitate to do what needs to be done and when your in situations like that you can’t afford to hesitate because it can cost you your life, hence no attachments.

  18. Kiara says:

    Also there are other rules in the movie they just don’t number and label them all though, but each of the rules listed on this site has several examples in the movie you just gotta pay attention and watch out for them.

  19. BOB says:

    this doesn’t have anything to do with this rule but there’s a poster that says rule #4 is don’t be a hero – it’s actually rule #17

  20. Steve b says:

    I think the No Attachment rule goes back to his first experiencexperience with 206. You would trunks it would be #1 since it was the first girl he could bring home turns into a zombie and tries to eat him. I feel the rule coyldbhave come from that experience.

  21. Swift says:

    Woody says it when he lets Jessie in his caddie. No names no attachments. No number on it though.

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