Zombieland Rule #6 – Cast Iron Skillet

Caleb of Decatur Georgia writes

“My Step-Grandparents are trapped in their RV, by zombies, and I need a good weapon to bust them out; something from around the house”

Enter Zombieland rule #6 – The Cast Iron Skillet.

Poster: Zombie Command. Category: Rules.

29 Responses to “Zombieland Rule #6 – Cast Iron Skillet”

  1. cameron says:

    a cast iron skillet would be such a terrible weapon. short range and no sharp edges it would take at least like 3 hit to kill a zombie. id go with a toliet cover like in the movie

  2. Bobby says:

    Whenever considering a possible tool to take always remember one thing, Versatility. A cast iron skillet should never be the first weapon of choice but it can function in several different ways. As was said a possible weapon, Food making, light, small, easy to use and maneuver, and it shouldn’t be too hard to find a replacement if yours breakdowns.

  3. Izumi says:

    But a cast iron skillet is quite deadly, with it’s large surface area, if swung with enough velocity. And if you aim at the head, it just might take it off haha.

    P.S. Ever played Left 4 Dead 2? :D

  4. phoenixorione says:

    Anyone play conker’s bad fur day?

  5. universal city says:

    I asked my friend who is an EMT about this. Accourding to her she and her partner arrived at the scene of a domestic disturbance call after the police called emergency services for a injured 32 year old male with head trauma. He was dead on arrival his wife had colcked him with a heavy duty Cast Iron skillet, right to the temple. apparently it was a one hit kill. so remember kids its also about aim and the wind-up!

  6. izad says:

    “Whenever considering a possible tool to take always remember one thing, Versatility. A cast iron skillet should never be the first weapon of choice but it can function in several different ways. As was said a possible weapon, Food making, light, small, easy to use and maneuver, and it shouldn’t be too hard to find a replacement if yours breakdowns.”

    since when is a cast iron skillet light?

  7. zack says:

    bea team player

  8. zack says:

    be a team player

  9. killer56 says:

    its just soo cool that u can do any thing u want u get me meat hot girls and every thing rob other people things thats wat is cool about zombieland but the qustion is is it real?

  10. Some Zombie says:

    Meele wepons are not as good as RANGED wepons!

  11. Shotgun Lover says:

    You could use a toilet seat cover, but if you hit something, say a zombie in the head, you can also break a toilet seat especially if it’s porcellain. In this video, they guy is asking about being in a trailer surrounded by zombies.
    1)Most trailers don’t have porcellain toilet seats. Plastic isn’t very reliable.
    2) The trailer is surrounded which means multiple zombies. You need a weapon that would last you a little while.
    Ergo, I do believe an iron skillet would be the best choice of weapon rather than a toilet seat.

  12. redd says:

    I’m only approving the use of melee weapons when your gun is too small to use in a melee way.

    I don’t like the iron pan. But if added into something else, maybe it’ll work.

    Thing is (I’m probably wrong but I might be right), you won’t be able to find them in stores. I went to Walmart, Marshall, etc, enough times to see they don’t have the thick, all black iron pan. They just have those teflon ones.

  13. AR-15 says:

    you can find cast iron cookware at just about any grocery store Kroger has a large selection.

  14. CastShot says:

    Cast iron skillets are heavy, some weighing about 5 lbs.
    It is heavy enough to break bones or cause severe bruising. To a decaying brain eating corpse, it’s a pretty deadly weapon.

  15. Highschooler Of The Dead says:

    My dad and his employees have debates on what the best weapon in his bar would be. The frying pan is a good one, but my dad always goes for the pizza spatula thingy (the name of which escapes me). Sharp around the edges, flat, metal, you can either hack and jab or just bang ‘em on the head!

  16. The A man says:

    Sharp things isn’t so good if you think about it… You need to bbe extra acurate with it (to the neck), I wud chose a hammer or a guitar or a glock 18

  17. I would pull out my muhfuckin
    Easton Sc777 TRIPLE7 SCANDIUM
    Baseball -5… 32 inches… 27 ounces… 2 3/4″Extended Barrel

    My Batting Average is .400 and I have 677 Home Runs I think I’m qualified to knock a Zombies head clean off it’s body…

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  19. yannapots says:

    cast iron skillet is pretty helpful. i mean, cmon, have you watched tangled?

  20. Brian says:

    Range is too short with skillet. Aluminum baseball bat is one of the top 5 easy to find items. Long range, light weight (under 2.5 lbs) yet capable of easily killing with 1 shot to the head. And almost everyone knows how to use one already, as opposed to some things that are less natural to people. Also very hard to break.

  21. Anthony says:

    I dig that. Large hitting surface, commonly made with ergonomic handle. Double as a cooking tool, easily replaceable, can be found anywhere and last but not least, even a lady can use it with proper form. :D

  22. ClarkeHeinleinAsimov says:

    any kitchen appliance readily at hand, be it a skillet, blender or a toaster, is preffered over using one’s own fists and maybe getting cut and infected in the process. Cast iron skillets have been the weapon of choice of battered housewives since the silent movie era.

  23. ClarkeHeinleinAsimov says:

    …as an addendum: a cast iron skillet can be wielded either as a blunt instrument (the flat side) or as a much more deadly weapon (the edge), depending upon how one might choose to swing it. It just depends upon if she wants to knock her drunk, abusive husband out for the night…or kill him.

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  25. Kage says:

    :\ Cast Iron Skillet, A.K.A pan won’t do much

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  28. dMr. mud says:

    The Cast Iron Skillet it not my first choice but it can kill it like black jack of iron and 5-15 pounds in wieght
    turn it to the side and swing Any thing that head that less than 1/4 inch thick is dead trust me mice don’t squeak after one hit

  29. Okem says:

    Amy! Thanks for a good laugh. I guess I should just supnsed my logic and go with the flow.I get that in The Walking Dead, some horrific disease swept the country or maybe the world even. Some people got the disease and died, others became zombies. This is the leap of faith I’ll just have to settle for and enjoy the drama of this unique group of people becoming a tribe and trying to survive post apocalypse. Now I suppose I’ll have to watch the second season and catch up to the third.Thanks for chiming in.

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