Zombieland Rule #8 – Get A KickAss Partner

A series of promotional posters reveals a couple of new rules from Zombieland. It’s unclear how canonical they are, but while Rule 1 is correct, Rule 4 doesn’t tie with what we know from the film, so the jury’s still out on these ones.

Rule #8 – Get A KickAss Partner

zombieland rule 8 Zombieland Rule #8   Get A KickAss Partner

zombieland rule 1 150x150 Zombieland Rule #8   Get A KickAss Partnerzombieland rule 4 150x150 Zombieland Rule #8   Get A KickAss Partnerzombieland rule 21 avoid stripclubs 150x150 Zombieland Rule #8   Get A KickAss Partner

Poster: Zombie Command. Category: Rules.

32 Responses to “Zombieland Rule #8 – Get A KickAss Partner”

  1. Richie says:

    rule 8 is false, in the movie he preaches about not getting close to anyone, staying a loner

  2. cameron says:

    actually in the movie he says stay in a group but dont get attached

  3. Tristan Jajo says:

    Cameron has it right

  4. justin says:

    I thought rule #4 was fasten your seat belt.

  5. Tristan Jajo says:

    NO that was only in the movie justin

  6. 13jemery says:

    Yeah, well, where the heck r u guys getting these rules like this one? And also…the movie has the real rules…you DO NOT screw them up!

  7. las vegas says:

    I like the movie. entertainin, two thumbs up

  8. wess says:

    the movie is heliouris kickass

  9. diego nunez says:

    Makes me wish for a zombie apocolypse. I think all rednecks would like a little zombie vigilante mayhem. Then again……..I are a redneck!

  10. Lmgurl92 says:

    ugh yeah you completley forgot check the back seat. As one of the rules, and you made some up.

  11. nick scussel says:

    yea i agree check the back seat is probably one of the most important rules.

  12. nick scussel says:

    avoid strip clubs was never said in the movie along with alot of them

  13. Lild says:

    Look at the top of the list man- “This t-shirt was made over at SharkRobot.com and, while completely unofficial, does make a stab at 33 rules of Zombieland.” They know it’s not completely correct. That should also tell you that they made up some of the ones in the list.

  14. nick scussel says:


  15. haley says:

    get a kickass partner! Best rule! Tallahasee is epic!!

  16. madhatter666 says:

    what about “enjoy the little things”?? we actually saw him write that down …

  17. apples says:

    W T F I JUST SAW this movie yesterday and most of these are just made up.i have to write a report on this crap ( but the movie was funny and anything with aa zombie in it is EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!)TACO

  18. Shaba says:

    Go to youtube and look up the Zombieland channel. It gives you extra rules that weren’t in the movie.

  19. mikeyla says:

    So gona follow those rules!!! >:I

  20. the coolest movie I ever saw

  21. MaRiO says:

    number i is a important rule thats why it number one you got to have cardio

  22. RAQUEL says:


  23. donny boi says:

    WHO GIVES A SHIT IF THE RULES AREN’T THE REAL ONES!!!!!! THEY SERVE THEIR PURPOSE!!!!! p.s. tallahasse is so bad ass i think i just shit my self

  24. Sienna says:

    An awesome Halloween display inspired entirely by the movie!! please visit webssite and rate ZOMBIELAND as weve entered a contest and ZOMBIELAND is the besttttt!!!!!

  25. Shit I am the Kick ass partner…

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  27. brennen says:

    I think that zombieland is the best movie ever i i cant wait to see the second one

  28. wyatt pickering says:

    this to comment first: tallahassee said not to get attached and it was columbus who said to travel light,including people.

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  30. nice rules to survive the END OF THE WORLD
    Zombies Domination

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